Experience distraction-free internet.

Block intrusive ads. Protect your digital privacy. Bypass ad block detectors
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How it Works


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Sphere pays websites to remove ads as you browse


Ad-free internet, for everyone

Block ads and pop-ups across the internet

The internet is full of ads. Banners, pop-ups, and self-playing videos are now the norm when it comes to web browsing. In addition to creating an annoying online experience, ads are commonly embedded with scams and malware.  

Sphere removes deceptive ads to create a better, safer, and faster internet.

Bypass ad block detectors

Ad blockers are becoming less effective as websites use ad block detectors, which forces users to turn off their ad blocker or subscribe in order to view their content.

Sphere supports websites so you'll never be told to turn off your ad blocker.

Also, we won't sell your personal information, unlike other “free” ad blockers out there.

Experience distraction-free digital content

Ads are annoying and pervasive, which decreases concentration.

Sphere removes disruptive ads to create a cleaner and distraction-free internet on all of your devices. We want to help you spend more time focused on the content you actually want to see.


Meet Our Team

Kyle Buckingham

Software Engineer

Alexandra Taylor

Former Advertiser

Mahbub Murshed

Software Engineer